Mike Cuozzo

In the haunting final scene of the film The Conversation, the character played by Gene Hackman rips his entire apartment to pieces looking for surveillance devices, then stands in the rubble and blows a tenor saxophone solo. If this sad snoop with a penchant for jazz existed in real life, a fun and useful pal for him to make would be Mike Cuozzo, likewise a tenor saxophonist who left professional music to work as a contractor in New Jersey. Cuozzo's team of carpenters, who were available to work on building projects during the period the film was set in, could have restored the apartment with the pleasant accompaniment of a tenor saxophone duel, perhaps a version of "Getting to Know You."

Cuozzo's actual career, or aspects of it, may seem just as much of a fantasy to one extremely common group of musicians in jazz, the section members or eternal sidemen who never get a chance to make...

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