Gale Robbins

American actress and singer Betty Gale Robbins climbed the ladder to stardom as a model. Then she did it all over again as a singer, with a number of name bands and appearances on radio and TV shows. The final jump in her career was to the movies and Hollywood, where she became a true star during the post-World War II years.

She was born in Mitchell, Indiana, in 1921. She started to work as a commercial model while she was still a high school girl in Aurora, Ill., and in 1938 she was crowned “Miss Chicago.” During her days of modeling she posed for some of the top companies in America. She even appeared on the cover of Life magazine, and was at different times the Iodent toothpaste girl and the Lux Toilet soap chick. Betty began singing at eighteen, and went on to become one of the Windy City’s favorite singers in what felt like record time. She was a regular performer in the stage...

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