Lynn Taylor

Lynn Taylor (1937-1979) was a warm, unaffected pop singer with a feeling for jazz and a sense for the lyrics. She phrased every line with delicacy and intelligence, all while projecting them in a warm, breathy style. She was originally discovered by Walter Winchell while at the Composer Room in New York, an activity she combined with appearances in other leading Manhattan clubs as well as in commercial radio and television.

In 1957 she recorded 'I See Your Face Before Me,' an album of haunting, exquisite melodies from the pen of Arthur Schwartz, most of them with origins in his many successful musical comedies. Buddy Weed’s delicate piano fill-ins and imaginative arrangements permeate all the songs, while Lynn supplies them with a sort of intimacy seldom heard in stage show renditions and which proves most alluring. You are bound to enjoy Lynn’s performances, which transmit her...

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