Julian Dash

A consummate section player, Julian Dash (born in Charleston, SC, on April 9, 1916) made some recordings as a leader late in his career but did his most memorable work while a member of Erskine Hawkins orchestra. He joined Hawkins in 1938. Only when Hawkins reduced the size of his band many years later did Dash begin doing other dates, both large and small group sessions.

Dash started on alto, and debuted in the Charleston Nighthawks in 1935. He played tenor in the Revellers and the Bama State Collegians at Alabama State Teachers College in 1935 and 1936, then went to New York to study embalming. He headed his own group from 1936 until he joined Hawkins in 1938, replacing Paul Bascomb. When the group disbanded in the mid-'50s, Dash became a part-time player. He did work with the Marlowe Morris Trio in the '60s, and led his own quintet in 1970 and 1971 before retiring.

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