Complete Singles As & Bs 1959-1980 (4-CD)

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Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch (g), Jet Harris (b), Brian Bennett (d)

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The Shadows only really dominated British pop and rock music for about five years, from late 1958 through 1963, but they've held on to their audience for decades, partly owing to the consistency of their work, especially their singles. This 86-track collection, running 240 minutes, assembles the group's complete singles output from 21 of those years -- and not surprisingly, it's not only pretty good (and sometimes excellent) rock & roll, but also a reflection of some key aspects of British pop/rock and pop culture, and, apart from some early missteps and some late-era predictability, very good listening.

The first two songs, "Feelin' Fine" and "Don't Be a Fool (With Love)," cut when the group was still known as the Drifters, are the most unusual tracks here, as they're vocal numbers, recorded before the band recognized that their success apart from lead singer Cliff Richard lay primarily in their instrumental prowess. "Feelin' Fine" is a highly derivative number that sounds like an imitation of Buddy Holly, while "Don't Be a Fool (With Love)" is heavily influenced by doo wop music, and sounds like a good imitation of Dion & the Belmonts or Danny & the Juniors. "Jet Black" is a great showcase for Jet Harris' bass -- he was the first bassist in England to achieve stardom -- while "Driftin'" provides rhythm guitarist Bruce Welch with a showcase. It took another abortive single in the vein of Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers, respectively, before they finally decided on an instrumental output -- and scored their first time out with "Apache," which sounds amazing on this state-of-the-art CD, with every nuance of the playing crisply delineated (to this longtime fan, it was like hearing the track for the first time). This reviewer was already well familiar with the Shadows' output, including their LPs, but even he was surprised by how seriously they moved from decided strength to strength on their singles, across the their history. Just when one thinks they're becoming a little too MOR on "Atlantis," they come along with a solid U.S.-style rocker like "Shindig," which puts them right back in the thick of mid-'60s rock & roll, and pieces with an extraordinary "haunt count" such as "Theme for Young Lovers," which is worthy of Paul McCartney's pen. Also included is their Top Ten vocal single "Don't Make My Baby Blue," a beat ballad worthy of any of the post-1960 acts that were dominating the charts in 1965, and follow it up, once removed, with "I Met a Girl," which could be a Rubber Soul outtake.

The later material, especially that coinciding with the punk and disco era of the mid-to late '70s and early '80s, shows the group struggling for inspiration but still able to turn out engaging pop/rock singles when they find it. The sound is excellent, even exquisite, throughout -- coupled with the thorough annotation, this is as good an immersion in the Shadows' output as any release on the market, and the ultimate gift item for serious fans.

Bruce Eder -All Music Guide


CD 1
01. Feelin' Fine [As The Drifters]        
02. Don't Be A Fool (With Love) [As The Drifters]        
03. Driftin' [As The Drifters]         
04. Jet Black [As The Drifters]        
05. Saturday Dance         
06. Lonesome Fella         
07. Apache         
08. Quatermasster's Stores         
09. Man Of Mystery         
10. The Stranger         
11. F.B.I.         
12. Midnight         
13. The Frightened City         
14. Back Home         
15. Kon-Tiki         
16. 36-24-36         
17. The Savage         
18. Peace Pipe         
19. Wonderful Land         
20. Stars Fell On Stockton         
21. Guitar Tango         
22. What A Lovely Tune         
23. Dance On         
24. All Day

CD 2
01. Foot Tapper         
02. The Breeze And I         
03. Atlantis         
04. I Want You To Want Me         
05. Shindig         
06. It's Been A Blue Day         
07. Geronimo         
08. Shazam         
09. Theme For Young Lovers         
10. This Hammer         
11. The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bund         
12. It's A Mar's World         
13. Rhythm And Greens         
14. The Miracle         
15. Genie With The Light Brown Lamp         
16. Little Princess         
17. Mary-Anne         
18. Chu Chi         
19. Stingray         
20. Alice In Sunderland         
21. Don't Make My Baby Blue         
22. My Grandfathers Clock

CD 3
01. The War Lord         
02. I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur         
03. I Met A Girl         
04. Late Night Set         
05. A Place In The Sun         
06. Will You Be There         
07. The Dreams I Dream         
08. Scotch On The Socks         
09. Maroc 7         
10. Bombay Duck         
11. Tomorrow's Cancelled         
12. Somewhere         
13. Midnight Cowboy [Hank Marvin]         
14. Running Out Of World         
15. Dear Old Mrs Bell         
16. Trying To Forget The One You Love         
17. London's Not Too Far [Hank Marvin]        
18. Slaughter On 10th Avenue         
19. Turn Around And Touch Me         
20. Jungle Jam

CD 4
01. Let Me Be The One         
02. Stand Up Like A Man         
03. Run Billy Run         
04. Honourable Puff Puff         
05. It'll Be Me Babe         
06. Like Strangers         
07. Another Night         
08. Cricket Bat Boogie         
09. Love Deluxe         
10. Sweet Saturday Night         
11. Don't Cry For Me Argentina         
12. Montezuma's Revenge         
13. Theme from 'The Deer Hunter' (Cavatina)        
14. Bermuda Triangle         
15. Rodrigo's Guitar Concerto         
16. Song For Duke         
17. Riders In The Sky         
18. Rusk         
19. Heart Of Glass         
20. Return To The Alamo

Total time: 243 min. approx.

The Shadows are:
Hank Marvin (guitar, arranger, composer), Bruce Welch (guitar, arranger), Jet Harris (bass, arranger), Brian Bennett (drums).

This compilation contains all original EMI recordings

Remastering: Peter Mew
Design: Chris Peyton
Project coordinator: Tim Chacksfield
Liner notes: Robert Bradford


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Complete Singles As & Bs 1959-1980 (4-CD)
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