Grupo Oba-ilú

Drums of Cuba - Afro-Cuban Music From The Roots

Soul Jazz Records

Reference: SJRCD162

Bar code: 5026328101620

An album of heavyweight Afro-Cuban rhythms recorded in Havana, Cuba. These are high quality recordings that comes with extensive sleeve-notes. This album features the many Afro-Cuban rhythms associated with the various religious cults existing in Cuba today. These drums are used to bring spirits and gods (Orishas) into the body of worshippers who are then possessed.

The music originally came from Africa and spread into the new world through the movement of slaves; Soul Jazz Records have recorded and released similar projects in Haiti (Voodoo Drums, Spirits of Life) and Brazil and these new recordings from Cuba feature heavyweight complex rhythms played by some of Cubas finest master drummers, all of whom are initiated in the cults including members of the secret Masonic-type Abakua faith. Featuring an array of instrumentation Bata Drums, Conga drums, Bongo, Eribo many of which are sacred in themselves and only used for religious ceremonies. The music and dance of the Abakuá (or ñáñigo) secret societies are considered by many the most original not least because the history of the societies themselves, the most complex and impassioned of all the organizations of African origin established in Cuba and linked to key political and social events.

For anyone interested in Latin music this is a fascinating guide into the roots of Afro-Cuban music and features extensive sleeve-notes giving the music a cultural and social context.


01. Grupo Oba Ilú Ochosi (Aguere)
02. Grupo Oba Ilú Makuta
03. Grupo Oba Ilú Abakua
04. Grupo Oba Ilú Arara (Variant 1 - Mase)
05. Grupo Oba Ilú Oggun
06. Grupo Oba Ilú Arara (Variant 2 - Soyi)
07. Grupo Oba Ilú Palo
08. Grupo Oba Ilú Arara (Variant 3 - Gervioso)
09. Grupo Oba Ilú Elegua (Latopa)
10. Grupo Oba Ilú Iyesa (Variant 1)
11. Grupo Oba Ilú Iyesa (Variant 2)
12. Grupo Oba Ilú Agayu:Toque (Chango-rumba)
13. Grupo Oba Ilú Guiro
14. Grupo Oba Ilú Oya:Abakua (Tuitui)
15. Grupo Oba Ilú Bembe
16. Grupo Oba Ilú Yuka
17. Grupo Oba Ilú Chango (Bayuba)

Recorded at the Cuban state-owned ICAIC studios.

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Drums of Cuba - Afro-Cuban Music From The Roots
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