Anna Marie

Anna Marie Genovese, a talented singer born in Syracuse, New York, in 1931, captivated audiences under the name "Anna Marie." Singing from a young age in her hometown, she released her only LP, "Interludes with Anna Marie," a 10-inch record on the Syracuse-based Vesta label in January 1955, under the guidance of Maurey Goldberg, who also acted as her agent.

Nat Hentoff praised the album in Down Beat, awarding it four stars and noting, “She has felt sympathy with a number of modern jazz artists, like Sarah Vaughan. She has a good full voice, with a serviceable ear and a musician’s way of phrasing. The album is pleasant listening as is and certainly quite superior to most female vocalizing these days. ‘Interludes with Anna Marie’ includes some of the ballad type songs she likes to do best.”

The liner notes celebrate her unique talent: "Many vocalists can put 'life' in a song, but it is a...

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