Mathias Højgaard Jensen

Mathias is a musician who has worked professionally for over a decade. Music has brought him around the world, through most of Europe, Israel and the US, and he has grown to become a musician with an acute sensitivity, and presence.

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Mathias Højgaard Jensen got involved with music at the age of 9 when he taught himself to read sheet music at the piano. At age 10 he picked up the electric bass and music gradually found a way deeper into his life. He got formal training at the talent program at Hørsholm Music school and later at Sankt Annæ Gymnasium and MGK, where fell in love with jazz and started playing double bass. After a stay at the exclusive jazz program at Fridhems Folkhögskola in southern Sweden, he moved to Berlin for his bachelor in Jazz Perfomance. Here he studied under and drew from the musical experiences of many internationally renowned artists...

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Mathias Højgaard Jensen Albums

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