Jacques Denjean

The Denjean family originally came from the city of Foix, capital of the French department of Ariège located on the border with Spain. The family consisted of two sons, Claude and Jacques, who exhibited exceptional musical talent. His father, Lucien, worked as an accountant, while his mother, Cécile, held the position of director of the school.

Claude Denjean, the eldest son of the Denjean family, was born in March 1924. He was a versatile musician, known for his proficiency as a violinist, conductor, and arranger in the pop field. In the 1960s, he gained widespread recognition for scoring some of the biggest hits of French singers Dalida and Charles Aznavour. In 1970, he relocated to Canada, where he lived until the mid-1990s. During his time in Canada, he worked as a producer and artist, recording several albums, including his critically acclaimed “Moog!” which featured him playing...

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