Elisenda Julià & Rai Paz

"Love Will Be the Theme Song is the last phrase from the verse of the track “Soon” by George & Ira Gershwin, and with Rai Paz we thought it was a good way to frame the ten songs that form this album, all of them beautiful compositions that talk about love in all its different forms.

We recorded them in two different sessions almost a year apart, in the middle of a pandemic limiting in many ways. The first was a duo and it was the result of my desire to record with Rai some of the songs I most liked after playing together for more than seven years, without much idea of what we would do with it all. From the first day the understanding with Rai was immediate, both musically and personally, and playing with him is always so lovely, enriching, fun, easy... He has character and personality and at the same time an incredible sensibility. We thought out the second session together with the...

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