Gayle Andrews

Once you get past the gripping visual beauty of Gayle Andrews, the effect of her voice is no less astonishing. Here truly, the elements of sight and sound share equal billing.

She has a controlled intimate style on ballads, plus an approach to a jump beat that reveals an emotional jazz warmth with solid professional phrasing. The total combination of voice, form and face which is Miss Andrews, had a volatile effect on her last New York employer —Dick Kollmar, a theatrical producer and owner of the bistro “The Left Bank.” It was at Mr. Kollmar's insistence, that Gayle be recorded,… “so that all may have the pleasure of hearing her voice.”

Although this session marks Gayle's recording debut, it is by no means the start of her career. Her varied professional singing engagements range from theatre and club dates at the Perseverance Club in Port of Spain, Trinidad, where she packed them in...

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