Linda Keene

Linda Keene (1 December 1911 - 23 October 1981) was a jazz and blues nightclub singer who unfortunately never reached her full potential to be a star vocalist.

Linda was born Florence McCory in Taylorsville, Mississippi. When her mother died shortly before 1920 the family moved to Poplarville, then Shreveport, Louisiana where her father remarried. Not happy with this relationship Florence left home at the age of 16. By 1932 she had married a singer named Spurgeon Suttle, but the union soon soured.  Linda’s dream was to become a professional singer and when her husband became a recluse she went to Chicago Her first advertised singing engagement under her married name on the 9th May 1936 at the Booker Cadillac Hotel in Detroit.

A separation agreement from her husband came in 1937. She wasted no time looking for a stage name and opted to call herself Linda Keene, named after Ginger...

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