Miquel Álvarez

Miquel Àlvarez (El Verger, València) has been professionally dedicated to interpretation since before he came of age, living live and studio, always combining higher music studies with the work of performer, composer and arranger.

Miquel Àlvarez career begins in the music band of his hometown. With a small classical base, at the age of 15 he decided to undertake his studies in modern music at the Sedajazz School in Sedaví (València) with Luis Llario and Voro García as teachers. Later, at the age of 18, Matt Baker at the Superior Conservatory of Valencia. He finally settled in Barcelona where he would study at ESMUC under the tutelage of Mario RossyLluís Vidal or Eladio Reinón.

He is currently a professional double and electric bass player. At the age of 28, Miquel has shared the stage with great international Jazz and Flamenco artists, playing with Agustin Carbonell “el bola”, Toni...

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