Ralph Rainger

American pop composer Ralph Rainger started out as a Tin Pan Alley and Broadway writer, but went on to become one of Hollywood's most prolific composers (especially during the 1930s), and is most remembered for his work with lyricist Leo Robin.

Born in New York City, on October 7, 1901, Rainger taught himself music composition and theory while still in high school. He received a scholarship to a music school, but quit after one year to adhere to his father's wishes and attend law school. While working as a lawyer, Rainger spent his nights playing piano in a dance orchestra, until turning back to music full-time in 1926. He was in a duo with Edgar Fairchild for a few Broadway musicals, before the two co-led an orchestra in the 1928 production, Cross My Heart. He also performed in a piano duo with Adam Carroll in 1929's The Little Show, which included Rainger's first hit song, "Moanin'...

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