Sandy Mosse

The man whose name sounds like a description of the ground near a brook was a jazz tenor saxophonist who is remembered fondly on both the Chicago and European jazz scenes. Several times in his life he left America for extended stays, eventually marrying a Dutch woman and fulfilling what is many an American musician's lifelong dream: to retire in Amsterdam. Not that Sandy Mosse ever really retired; he kept playing til the end, showing off a lovely fuzzy tone that he was personally happy to trace back to Lester Young, his first and biggest influence. Mosse's final decades were a battle against ill health, as he was first diagnosed with cancer in the '60s. The man who apparently coined the expression "oh well, you can't have anything" always managed to keep a good sense of humor concerning life's ups and downs, as evidenced from this anecdote from "some posh jobbing date on the North...

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