Vivien Garry

There isn’t much biographical information available about bassist, Vivien Garry, although she appears to have had a relatively rich career if her discography is any indication.

She married with guitar virtuoso Arv Garrison, she led both a trio (including her husband on guitar and Wini Beatty on piano), and quintet in New York in the ’40s and was also active in the Los Angeles jazz scene. They swung so hard and played so relaxed and tastefully, but with virtuosity in all the right places. They chose great tunes, interpreted them creatively, and with an irresistible energy that invites to dance. Interesting to note that there’s a pretty terrible review of some recordings of Garry’s Quintet in Billboard’s August 1947 issue. This band included Edna Williams of the International Sweethearts of Rhythm on trumpet and Ginger Smock on violin. Billboard reported that Edna Williams’ trumpet...

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