Marian Barahona

Born in Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona. Marian already sang all the time when she was very little and so strong was her love for her music that he could not separate himself from her. In her career, she has played with hundreds of groups, done thousands of concerts, participated in musicals, different recordings and projects especially related to jazz, blues, funk, gospel, soul, and pop, although she is interested to all kinds of music.

She began to sing professionally with the pianist Lucki Guri in 1998, performing at jazz venues and festivals, and being part of the group of artists who performed on the program “En directe Mari Pau”. In those years he co-led different projects such as Justerini & Blues (blues), Luna Negra (a cappella), Club D Funks (funk-rock), his own jazz quartet with the pianist Gerard Nieto, as well as Mujeres, a group of Pop-Rock in which she shared the stage...

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