Two alto saxophones, bass, drums - that seems rather a daring line-up that Nat Su and Gabriel Dalvit chose for their group Straymonk when they presented their homage to Billy Strayhorn and Thelonious Monk ten years ago. Today, after ten years, the formation still exists; after a CD with the music of Charles Mingus, there is another one with compositions by Nat Su, in the same format but with a different rhythm section (Dominique Girod on bass, Jonas Ruther on drums). Called “Pling”, certainly a high point in Swiss jazz last year, oh what: an effortless masterpiece far beyond that. Two altos, which are initially reminiscent of the saxophone battles of yesteryear "Phil [Woods] and [Gene] Quill," "Tough Tenors" (Lockjaw Davis / Johnny Griffin) and many more.

Alone, Straymonk pursues the opposite of such sporty muscle games, orients himself more on the cool dialogues of Lee Konitz and

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