Dmitry Baevsky & Jeb Patton

Rarely have two musicians given the impression of making their artistic proximity so manifest. Alto saxophonist Dmitry Baevsky and pianist Jeb Patton have known each other for many years.

They met at a young age in New York, driven by a same thirst to learn the language of jazz and to make it their idiom of predilection. What better way for these two musicians to reveal their entente than in a tête-à-tête? What better context than a one-on-one, in which they elaborate the music together, privileging careful listening to one another other, a dialogue, a complementarity? The complicity is obvious between Jeb Patton’s elegant and articulated piano playing and Dmitry Baevsky’s vivid, precise and lyrical alto saxophone. Magnificently recorded, they have achieved a classic and everlasting album that marks the meeting of two contemporary jazz masters, simply called ‘We...

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