Rose Hardaway

Born in Arkansas in 1931 and raised in Chicago, Rose Hardaway became a well-known shake dancer in ‘elite black entertainment’, traveling to New York, Paris and London.

By the mid ‘50s she had grown tired of dancing, and made the transition to singing. Her exciting voice became an overnight sensation after she appeared on various network TV shows. Singing with deep feeling and sincerity, with a distinctive vocal quality and emphasis on personality, Miss Hardaway left us a memorable performance in her only album—IT’S TIME FOR ROSE HARDAWAY.

She brought her rich, earthy voice to a group of standards and lesser known oldies, revealing herself as a fine, swinging performer, while in ballads, she delivers each lyric with sensitivity and a warm tone that blends beautifully with the orchestra arranged and conducted by her coach, Sammy Lowe.

Although she slowly faded from the public eye during...

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Albums featuring Rose Hardaway

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