Janet Blair

Janet Blair (1921-2007) was a big-band singer who became a popular American film and television actress. The 1959 album “Flame Out!,” marked her first appearance on record since her days as vocalist with the Hal Kemp Orchestra in the 1940s.

Janet’s naturally beautiful voice and great feel for the lyrics, brought new light to some of the best “heart songs” of her era. All musical scores were arranged and conducted by pianist Lou Busch, who had also been with the Kemp crew. Through the adept use of orchestral sounds, he managed to engineer a change of pace between songs. Some have a light, tonal modern jazz background in a Henry Mancini influenced style; others, a strikingly beautiful string sound; and still others employ the sparse feel of a “blues” piano and a lonesome trumpet blowing “out there somewhere.”

—Jordi Pujol (From the liner notes of FSRV 118)

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