Marty Bell

Marty Bell was born in 1925 in Newark, New Jersey. He started playing trumpet when he was about 15, and began singing just a few years later, while he was part of an Army band. From 1946, and for several years thereafter, he toured as a big band singer, but never neglected his trumpet work entirely. With that experience under his belt, he made the break away from band vocalizing and started working as a single. Marty stood out for his light but sturdy, swinging sound, and his easy, consistent command of the beat. 'The Voice of Marty Bell' was released in 1956 and marked his debut on record. Working with him on eight of the tracks—and taking off on their own on four others—we find the swinging quartet led by the multi-talented jazzman Don Elliott.

—Jordi Pujol (From the liner notes of FSRV 203)

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