Juanita Cruse

In 1960, Juanita Cruse was already a minor Los Angeles legend, with an extensive background singing with local Rhythm & Blues bands; an “ingroup” favorite. Her only album, 'Juanita!,' was the result of one of the many demo tapes sent to the well-known record producer Gene Norman. After hearing Juanita’s tape Norman realized that the lady in question was “an important talent, so we made immediate arrangements to record her.” What attracted Norman most was her voice, range, and deep sense of swinging, paired with her great sense of time. Her explosive performance on 'Stop Teasin’ Me' exudes confidence, but she is equally at ease on slower tempos, like in the bluesy Fine and Mellow. Gerald Wiggins’ piano accompaniment is impeccable, and his short solo on Mellow moving. His arrangements are tasteful and functional, enhanced by the jazzmen assembled for the date.

—Jordi Pujol (From the...

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