Victor Assis Brasil

Victor Assis Brasil was the best Brazilian jazzman of his generation, having being praised by international critics.

Born on August 28, 1945, Brasil showed early evidence of talent for music, excelling at the harmonica and the drums. At age 12 he gave his first concert at the harmonica. Gifted his first saxophone by his aunt at the age of fourteen, in 1961, at age 16, he was presented with an alto saxophone. In 1965, while already a professional, Brasil recorded his first album, Desenhos, with highly favorable reviews, consolidating his pioneering role as a Brazilian jazz musician. His next conquests were the achievement of third place at the 1966 International Jazz Contest in Vienna, Austria, and of the Best Soloist award in the Berlin Jazz Festival, which granted him a scholarship to the Berklee School of Music (Boston, MA).

During the following four years he spent in the U.S.,...

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Victor Assis Brasil Albums

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