Ilene Woods

Ilene Woods was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the daughter of "a backstage mom" who was responsible for Ilene getting her show biz start on the stage--at age two! At 14, during a vacation in New York City, she received an offer to top-line her own radio show once she became available at the end of that school year. "The Ilene Woods Show," a three-nights-a-week, 15-minute musical series, soon started its run on the Blue Network with the teenager as its star. Radio work in Chicago preceded a move to California, her first and only on-screen movie role (On Stage Everybody, 1945) and a stint on the Jack Carson-starring radio series "Sealtest Village Store."

Her songwriter-friends Mack David and Jerry Livingston asked her, as a favor, to record two of their newest songs, not telling her that they were for the upcoming Disney animated feature Cinderella (1950). When Walt Disney heard...

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