Santiago Leibson

Pianist Santiago Leibson was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After graduating from Conservatorio Manuel de Falla (Manuel de Falla Conservatory), he move to New York to do a Masters in Jazz Performance at New York University.

Leibson has been an active member of both Buenos Aires and New York artistic and musical scenes. During his professional career, he has collaborated with outstanding musicians from all over the world such as two-times Grammy award nominee Alan Ferber, jazz legend Drew Gress, Billy Drummond, Devin Gray, David Pietro (from the U.S.), Grammy award winner Sergio Verdinelli, Guillermo Klein, Marcelo Gutfraind, Mauricio Dawid, Jazmín Prodan, Francisco Cossavella (Argentina), Anupam Shobhakar (India), Hery Paz (Cuba), Jeff McGregor (Canada), Rodrigo Bonelli (Brazil), Javier Moreno Sanchez (Spain), Sebastián Acosta (Ecuador) and Ken Ychikawa (Perú), among many others.


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