Victoria Rummler

Born near Detroit, USA, Vicki has been a Euro-convert for almost twenty years. Her musical experience began with a fascination for the piano at age six which led to many years of lessons, competitions, accompaniment and a profound appreciation that is still very much alive today.

She began singing in children’s groups and a church choir that toured Mexico and Central America. Studying clarinet, dance, and theater in the USA, she took off for Germany after completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in music at Williams College in 1988. She worked with a performance art group in Munich and went on to Paris in 1993, where she discovered her passion for vocal jazz, honing her craft with Michele Hendricks, Laurence Saltiel and Roger Letson. In 2004, she was invited to record with cutting-edge electro a cappella group Les Grandes Gueules on their second album “Vocal Extreme.”

Since deciding to...

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