The Zeniths were a vocal quartet composed by Hedy Lamar, Miriam Hodges, Mel Dancy, and Frank Walker. A mixed vocal group, similar in some ways to many others, but with a stylistic freshness all their own. On first hearing, they immediately recall the sounds of their forbears—Six Hits and a Miss (the Thirties), The Modernaires (early Forties), The Mel-Tones (late Forties)—all of whom pioneered their kind of “smart,” sophisticated, swinging, vocal group singing. At closer inspection, they appear a modern extension of these adventurous groups, for the work of The Zeniths encompasses much more advanced harmonies and a wellintegrated cohesion with their accompanying orchestra. In fact, the degree of coordination between Zeniths and orchestra makes the term “accompaniment” almost ambiguous.

The Zeniths were a spark of new life and vitality in the scene of small group singing. The only...

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