Don Randi

A longtime fixture in the Los Angeles area, Don Randi is best known as the proprietor of the North Hollywood club Baked Potato and for his longtime leadership of a popular fusion/crossover group, Quest. Raised in the Catskill Mountains of New York, Don Randi had classical music lessons for 13 years. He moved to the Los Angeles area in 1954. He then became a busy studio musician, appearing on and writing for a countless number of motion picture and television soundtracks, commercials, and pop albums. Randi recorded as a leader for World Pacific, Verve, Palomar, Reprise, Capitol, Poppy, Sheffield Lab, and Headfirst. Don Randi has continued to appear at the Baked Potato with Quest on a fairly regular basis, including a May 2010 show marking the club's 40th anniversary.

Scott Yanow -All Music Guide

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