Greg Ruggiero

Greg Ruggiero has resided in Brooklyn, New York since 2004. In May 2007, Greg's debut record as a leader "Balance" was released on Fresh Sound New Talent.

As a side man, Greg has recorded on vocalist, Luísa Sobral's debut record, on Universal/Portugal records, saxophonist Logan Richardson's "Ethos" for Greg Osby's Inner Circle Records, two upcoming releases on Free Code Jazz Records, Drummer Nick Halley's "Barnum Hill," "Kokyus" self titled release, bassist Gavin Fallows self titled debut, and several recently recorded albums still in production.

In 2010, Greg had a wonderful experience as the featured artist at the Canjazz Festival in Galicia, Spain; teaching a week of workshops, recording two records, and performing in concert. Ruggiero is on the New School University Applied Music teaching roster and in 2009 taught at the Academy of Creative Education in Los Angeles, California.


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