FORK SERIES and new label NOSORDO come together with this debut release from Swedish duo GROS and the thrilling new album, WAVES. This work, made up of 10 original pieces of fragile electronica has certain retro touches (largely thanks to analogue instruments and appropriately-chosen sounds) and features an impressive collection of personal touches. The music GROS makes is both modern - with their state of the art seventies instruments (computers, samples, loops) and synthesizers and classic, with a large sound-bank, because the tunes here feature noises and melodies that weve been enjoying throughout the history of electronic music. "Alfombra Voladora" and "City Weekend" get to grips with a certain Kraftwerk structure, which, for the listener, is a remarkably pleasant one. The GROS seal is not one of grandiloquence, but rather of understatement, orbiting between the classic... Read more

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