Thierry Lang

The Swiss pianist and composer: Thierry Lang, was born in 1956, Romont, a little town in the Canton of Fribourg. He began to learn the piano at the age of 5, at 7 he had decided to make it his career and his life. He studied classical music with great success until he was 21, even if jazz had fascinated him since the very beginning. He discovered this music genre by listening to blues pianists: Erroll Garner and Oscar Peterson, quickly having a clear influence on the young pianist. It was not until he was 15 that he heard, for the first time, the musician who would become, and remains his idol: Bill Evans. In this pianist's music, he essentially found a perfect link between classical music and jazz. Thus it was there Thierry Lang found his own means of musical expression. He is a gifted composer with a great sense of melody, rapidly, he became one of the masters of his domain. His...

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