Cathi Hayes

Cathi Hayes (Milwaukee, 1935) began singing in Seattle, Washington, in 1953, along with her brother Jerry, in a five-vocal group called “The Signatures.” They soon became instrumentally proficient with Cathi on vibes. Then in 1958 she left to join a versatile and exciting group called “Gus ‘n’ Us,” directed by Gus Mancuso.

In October that same year, Cathi began her career as a single at the Facks club in San Francisco. After eight months working the club circuit, she headed to Hollywood, where she became a prominent attraction at Dean Martin’s restaurant Dino’s. It was then —while still swinging at the bistro— that she recorded her only album 'It's All Right With Me,' emerging as a new, individual artist of quality. Guitarist Barney Kessel, who took care of the superlative arrangements, described her as “A very adventurous singer who, I’m convinced, sings for the sheer love of it. As...

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