Thiago De Mello

Founder of Thiago de Mello & Amazon, Thiago de Mello brought the influences of his homeland Amazon to his music, using instruments like the boca do mato, boca-de-barro and pau de chuva, built with pieces of wood and other rustic materials. He has had his compositions recorded by Paul Winter, Sharon Isbin, Paquito d'Rivera, Cláudio Roditi, Carlos Barbosa Lima, Tibério Nascimento and Richard Kimball. Mello participated in two records nominated for the Grammy Awards, Hearts & Minds, by Susannah McCorkle, and, as a composer, in Dreams of a World, by Sharon Isbin.Brother of the poet Thiago de Mello, Thiago de Mello (both use only their surnames) moved to New York NY in 1966, disturbed by the political situation in Brazil, debuting in the scene as a bossa nova performer in clubs of that city. In 1970 he founded the Guitar Society of the United Nations, having being its director for the...

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