Rebecca Martin

Singer / songwriter Rebecca Martin began her professional carrer with her group "Once Blue" (EMI Records, 1995). Their self-titled debut was released in the United States, Canada andJapan. She toured the U.S. with artists Shawn Colvin, Emmy Lou Harris, The Lilith Fair and many others while gaining loyal fans. As a solo artist, Rebecca wrote and produced her first solo recording "Thoroughfare" (1998) that showcased her collaboration with an impressive band: Steve Cardenas (electric guitar), Kenny Wollesen (drums) and Larry Grenadier (bass). On her latest offering "Middlehope", Rebecca brought together another stellar group of musicians to record some of her favourite standards. With her second solo recording, "Middlehope" (FSNT 118) Rebecca has successfully recorded obscure standards, thanks to Fresh Sound New Talent's support, which is rich in texture, detail and... Read more

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