Jill Seifers

Vocalist Jill Seifers has come a long way from her moody and dark teen years. Today when she talks about her idols in the music industry, she's frequently animated and bubbly. When she talks about her own start in the jazz world and the jam sessions she attended, she laughs aloud at her own nervy attempts that got her booted from the stage. During her teen years in her hometown of Portland, OR, however, laughter was in short supply, and enthusiasm just wasn't there. Seifers was more serious than bubbly, and she had to deal with bouts of depression, a condition that other family members also suffered from. The offspring of an economist and a choral director, she became even more somber when her parents divorced. Rather than the uplifting sounds of someone like Ella Fitzgerald, she turned to the music of Joni Mitchell and the writings of Anaïs Nin and Karl Marx. Her taste in music...

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