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Celebrating Satie

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Xabia Jazz

Celebrating Satie

Ximo Tebar

Featuring: Ximo Tebar (g), Sean Jones (tp), Robin Eubanks (tb), Stacy Dillard (ss), Jim Ridl (Rhodes, synth), Orín Evans (Rhodes), Boris Kozlov (b) and Donald Edwards (d)

REFERENCE: Xabia Jazz 007
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Each year, the Xŕbia Jazz Festival, organized by Javea town council and Instituto Valenciano de la Música, selects a musician based in the region of Valencia to carry out a special musical project, which is then recorded for release. This CD contains the music premiered by Ximo Tébar during the 8th edition of the festival.

Without sacrificing its distinctive style, which combines the traditional language of jazz with musical molds own contemporary jazz, and open to influences from other genres such as Flamenco, the great jazz guitarist Ximo Tébar has decided to pay tribute to the figure of a musician unclassifiable, the French Erik Satie.

Satie (1866-1925) was a pianist and composer whose life and work are chaired by the genius, eccentricity and irreverence. Many of his works exhibit a simplicity and an unmistakable lyricism, and exerted influence on Debussy and Ravel and others of his contemporaries. He is considered a precursor of minimalism.


01. Gnossiene 3 (Erik Satie / Arr. Ximo Tebar)
02. Idylle (Erik Satie / Arr. Jim Ridl)
03. Gymnopedie 1 (Erik Satie / Arr. Ximo Tebar)
04. Embryons desséchés 2 (Erik Satie / Arr. Boris Kozlov)
05. Croquis et agaceries d'un gros bonhomme en bois (Erik Satie / Arr. Donald Edwards)
06. En habit de cheval 3-4 (Erik Satie / Arr. Ximo Tébar)
07. Airs ŕ faire fuir 2 (Erik Satie / Arr. Ximo Tébar)
08. Véritables préludes flasques (pour un chien) / Seul a la maison (Erik Satie / Arr. Orrin Evans)
09. Gnossiene 3 (Erik Satie / Arr. Ximo Tebar)
10. A solas con Satie (Ximo Tébar)

Total time: 60:31 min.

Recorded at Dirty Soap Studios (New York City, June 2008) and Super Estudios, (Carlet, September 2008). Mixed & mastered by Vicente Sabater at Millenia Estudios, (Valencia, February 2009).

Produced by Ximo Tébar

Sean Jones (tp), Robin Eubanks (tb), Stacy Dillard (ss), Ximo Tébar (g), Jim Ridl (Rhodes, synth), Orín Evans (Rhodes), Boris Kozlov (b) and Donald Edwards (d).

On “Gnossienne 3” only: Ramon Cardo (ss), David Pastor (tp), Carlos Martin (tb)



“Tébar performs Satie from and with this identification key that contains the code in such a way that the music becomes a mirror, therefore, a reflection, and even more so, a thought.”

-Jaime Siles, from the liner notes

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