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Curso de Tango: Tango 2 & 3 ( DVD )

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Curso De Tango: Tango 2 & 3 ( Dvd )

Ricardo y Nicole


DVD PAL / Zone 0

Ricardo y Nicole, tango masters, teach us the elementary steps of tango. This is a great tango instructional DVD for beginners and those who want to perfect their moves! Learn basic steps and postures, eights backwards and forwards, combinations and more. Ricardo and Nicole demonstrate each step at full speed and then alternately demonstrate the men's and women's parts discussing what they see as the essential elements of lead and follow. Different camera positions as well as close-ups, animations and slow-motion makes learning easy!

IncLudes documentaries, interviews and Buenos Aires images. Volume 2: -Sandwich and The "Gancho" -Eight backward to step 3 -Step 8 walking -The media luna -The "Barrida" -Basic step -Eight forward Volume 3: -Step 7 to 2 -Eight forward 2 -Eight forward with changing front -Walking -Turn left -The "voleo" -Turn right with "sacadas" -Final dance

Languages: Spanish, English, Deutsch, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Nederlands.

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