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Chico Hamilton Quintet

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Chico Hamilton Quintet

Chico Hamilton

Featuring: Chico Hamilton (d), Eric Dolphy (rds), Dennis Budimir (g), Nathan Gershman (c), Wyatt Ruther (b), Ralph Pena (b)

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1. Fat Mouth (Vance)
2. Theme For A Starlet (Keller)
3. Little Lost Bear (Krevit)
4. Champs Elysees (Wiggins)
5. Pretty Little Theme (D.Hamilton)
6. Lost In The Night (Maltby)
7. Frou Frou (Young)
8. Cawn Pawn (Smith)
9. Lullaby For Dreamers (Vance)
10. Opening (T.Hamilton)
11. Lady "E" (Dolphy)
12. Truth (Drucker)

Recorded in Hollywood, California, 1959

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